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Links for Tuesday, January 28

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:

RT @danielfstrunk: Response to “Think twice about 40 percent” | The Chronicle via @dukechronicle

RT @EFF: The Republican National Committee formally rejects NSA mass spying. Civil liberties transcend partisan loy…

If you agree with the editorial board, sign the petition! The Chronicle endorses the 40% plan!

RT @MargRev: How well does a minimum wage boost target the poor?: There has been a recent kerfluffle over the Sabia and Bur……

Selling Your Organs

In 1996, Hurricane Fran hit Raleigh, knocking out power and trees. Duke Political Science Professor Michael Munger describes the response of several citizens from a neighboring town who decided to exploit the situation.  These budding opportunist entrepreneurs rented some refrigerated trucks, filled them with ice and drove to Raleigh, where they sold the bags of ice for about $8 each.  Raleigh police eventually arrived, arrested them for price gouging, and allowed the ice to melt with virtually none distributed to the locals.

Source: ND National Guard. Click for link. Used and licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

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