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Links for Tuesday, January 28

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:

RT @danielfstrunk: Response to “Think twice about 40 percent” | The Chronicle via @dukechronicle

RT @EFF: The Republican National Committee formally rejects NSA mass spying. Civil liberties transcend partisan loy…

If you agree with the editorial board, sign the petition! The Chronicle endorses the 40% plan!

RT @MargRev: How well does a minimum wage boost target the poor?: There has been a recent kerfluffle over the Sabia and Bur……

Links for Wednesday, December 11

Quick update for today. It’s finals week and unfortunately, I’ve still got 3 finals left. I’m also posting this to add a link to help Google find my Duke living group’s website, Round Table. Oddly enough, Bing can find it just fine…

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
Wow, read this- Immigration, Eugenics, and the Minimum Wage:
Last year, similar incident occurred in Orlando, luckily no one died
School zero-tolerance policy kills kid with asthma in Canada. All right TSA! Keeping us safe! #SecurityTheater
So the sign language guy at Mandela’s memorial had no idea how to communicate in sign language. Troll of the century?
RT @emmakelly93: Forget about the selfie, this is the real problem with Obama and Nelson Mandela’s death. Wow, @EFF has $100k+ matching donations until Dec 17! RT @trevortimm: Thank you for this, Edward Snowden.

Links for Thursday, November 21

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
You can build bombs w/stuff purchased *after* security check. Why do we still have the TSA? #securityTheater

RT @zmre: Airport silverware silliness. #securitytheater
The Senate’s bitcoin hearing was actually pretty positive. Of course there’s always one…
Police on being recorded when on duty: “the ubiquitous tracking is too invasive of their personal privacy”
Hey Windows 8 UI people. When you give me a pop-up I don’t want, and don’t let me click around it, I get angry.
Just read Kozinski’s dissent in White v Samsung. Finally, someone who makes sense in IP law. Read it:
Pentagon says it has no idea where the money is that it’s supposed to spend. The numbers are staggering.
RT @declanm: Yahoo “plans to have all data encrypted by the end of March”: Yahoo’s users might want to thank Edward Snowden …
RT @TracyOpp: I interviewed Terry Bressi on in-country #immigration #checkpoints and recording his 300+ interactions