Links for Thursday, November 21

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
You can build bombs w/stuff purchased *after* security check. Why do we still have the TSA? #securityTheater

RT @zmre: Airport silverware silliness. #securitytheater
The Senate’s bitcoin hearing was actually pretty positive. Of course there’s always one…
Police on being recorded when on duty: “the ubiquitous tracking is too invasive of their personal privacy”
Hey Windows 8 UI people. When you give me a pop-up I don’t want, and don’t let me click around it, I get angry.
Just read Kozinski’s dissent in White v Samsung. Finally, someone who makes sense in IP law. Read it:
Pentagon says it has no idea where the money is that it’s supposed to spend. The numbers are staggering.
RT @declanm: Yahoo “plans to have all data encrypted by the end of March”: Yahoo’s users might want to thank Edward Snowden …
RT @TracyOpp: I interviewed Terry Bressi on in-country #immigration #checkpoints and recording his 300+ interactions