Links for Tuesday, February 11

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
We have really dumb protections on sugar imports in the US because those 4500 sugar growers know their politics
RT @emmakelly93: Why buying likes on Facebook not only costs you money but costs you likes from your target audience!
The Economist is all over this. You can be deported for pot violations 20 years ago. Makes no sense.
US Deportation and Border Patrol costs more than all other federal law enforcement combined
Bill Nye did an excellent job critiquing creationism, but should he have stooped so low as to debate at all?
Not so much an LGBT rights issue as a public schools issue @emmakelly93
RT @emmakelly93: 8 US states limit speech about homosexuality. Not quite as much as Russia, but still. #HomeOfTheFre…
Worst of the Month—January 2014, police shot a 90 pound, mentally-ill teen being held down by 2 officers via @NPMRP