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Credit Michael Tipton, Used and Licensed under CC-BY-SA

The NBA Should Shorten Their Season


Did you know that the NBA has the best YouTube channel of any major North American sport? This is remarkable considering it is a distant third in terms of revenue.  It’s also a fascinating exercise in fan outreach, as the NBA actively encourages fan-made videos and other content while other sports use restrictive copyrights to make themselves the sole distributor of content. In addition to these policies (and the fact that I like basketball), it’s worth noting that while football is clearly the king of team sports in the US (especially if you include college football), there’s a risk that increased awareness of concussions and other injuries could cause football to lose out on revenue in the future. This could happen through changes in demand, with fewer people wanting to watch football, or changes in supply, as fewer athletes want to play. If you think it can’t happen, don’t forget that boxing used to be one of America’s most dominant sports.

Will this same fate happen to football? It’s impossible to know, but as a basketball fan, I hope the NBA is be prepared to try and take over that market space.  Before they are under the spotlight and the opportunity passes, they should implement some reforms. An important one would be the shortening of the season. Continue reading

Choosing Sides: NBA Finals Edition

For the first time in eight years, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made the NBA Finals. As a Heat fan who got to watch the greatest player, perhaps ever, in his prime bring my team to the NBA Finals four years in a row, it’s weird to see Lebron leading the Cavs.  And now I’m faced with the question of whether to root for him or not. Continue reading

Some great links

Haven’t written much this weekend, but I’ve got some nice links to check out. In the politics and econ areas, I highly recommend this article from Reason about the End of Power.  Also check out this Op-Ed from the NY Times from an actual Gitmo detainee.

In the cool techie things department, reddit has compiled a beautiful list of so-called internet tricks, that everyone should know.

If Bitcoin is your thing, after all the volatility last week, some people have gotten together to build an open source Bitcoin exchange to help alleviate some of the problems experienced by the community. Here is the reddit link, and here is the project on github.  I’m also writing a short paper on Bitcoin and virtual currencies for my CS seminar, so if you have cool articles, feel free to tweet @mjelgart.

Finally, in basketball news, the Heat have wrapped up home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Somehow, after winning a championship last year, they are even better then they’ve ever been before. Look at these numbers. The Heat are really good right now. As a Miami native, I cannot wait for the playoffs to start this weekend.