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New Horizons, Prediction Markets, and other Links

This morning, the New Horizons probe had its closest approach to Pluto.  It’s pretty cool that human ingenuity has gotten to the point where it’s possible to launch a rocket, and then 10 years later get it within a couple thousand miles of a (dwarf) planet orbiting ~6 billion kilometers away from us. But keeping with this blog’s theme, this doesn’t seem very libertarian! Isn’t this a big waste of money and resources for the government to be sending probes to Pluto?  Well, yes, obviously.

 - Public Domain Photo from NASA

This picture of Pluto cost $650M

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Links for Tuesday, January 28

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:

RT @danielfstrunk: Response to “Think twice about 40 percent” | The Chronicle http://t.co/wpCmocgxdU via @dukechronicle

RT @EFF: The Republican National Committee formally rejects NSA mass spying. https://t.co/1sUJuoTQcF Civil liberties transcend partisan loy…

If you agree with the editorial board, sign the petition! http://t.co/JeRYAZebVs The Chronicle endorses the 40% plan! http://t.co/StYun01Un6

RT @MargRev: How well does a minimum wage boost target the poor?: There has been a recent kerfluffle over the Sabia and Bur… http://t.co/…

Links for Sunday, August 04

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
Just watched that horrifying Fox News interview with Lauren Green. Wow. The Young Turks coverage: http://t.co/RWaFecsoJJ
Yahoo is shutting down another acquisition. This is weird. I guess they’re just acquiring talent? http://t.co/HXDoHsPpjB
“pressure cookers, backpacks and quinoa, oh my!” by @inthefade https://t.co/2PhyLLtIug
RT @ggreenwald: Harvard Law Professor Yochai Benkler on why the “aiding the enemy” charge against Manning is so dangerous http://t.co/WYMt…
@TheEconomist on Chris Christie’s “cognition-arresting sentimental appeal” against freedom: http://t.co/fakWwH39fY
RT @reason: Verdict in Bradley Manning Trial Expected Tomorrow – http://t.co/GCOLWWO58y
Why do we need billion dollar blimps to protect DC? This is not the Cold War. http://t.co/8YfXnmdj6y
@TheEconomist critiquing America’s public finances. Please forward to all congressional and state leadership. http://t.co/BioUd5iGIy