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Links for Tuesday, January 28

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:

RT @danielfstrunk: Response to “Think twice about 40 percent” | The Chronicle http://t.co/wpCmocgxdU via @dukechronicle

RT @EFF: The Republican National Committee formally rejects NSA mass spying. https://t.co/1sUJuoTQcF Civil liberties transcend partisan loy…

If you agree with the editorial board, sign the petition! http://t.co/JeRYAZebVs The Chronicle endorses the 40% plan! http://t.co/StYun01Un6

RT @MargRev: How well does a minimum wage boost target the poor?: There has been a recent kerfluffle over the Sabia and Bur… http://t.co/…

Links for Sunday, August 04

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
Just watched that horrifying Fox News interview with Lauren Green. Wow. The Young Turks coverage: http://t.co/RWaFecsoJJ
Yahoo is shutting down another acquisition. This is weird. I guess they’re just acquiring talent? http://t.co/HXDoHsPpjB
“pressure cookers, backpacks and quinoa, oh my!” by @inthefade https://t.co/2PhyLLtIug
RT @ggreenwald: Harvard Law Professor Yochai Benkler on why the “aiding the enemy” charge against Manning is so dangerous http://t.co/WYMt…
@TheEconomist on Chris Christie’s “cognition-arresting sentimental appeal” against freedom: http://t.co/fakWwH39fY
RT @reason: Verdict in Bradley Manning Trial Expected Tomorrow – http://t.co/GCOLWWO58y
Why do we need billion dollar blimps to protect DC? This is not the Cold War. http://t.co/8YfXnmdj6y
@TheEconomist critiquing America’s public finances. Please forward to all congressional and state leadership. http://t.co/BioUd5iGIy