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New Horizons, Prediction Markets, and other Links

This morning, the New Horizons probe had its closest approach to Pluto.  It’s pretty cool that human ingenuity has gotten to the point where it’s possible to launch a rocket, and then 10 years later get it within a couple thousand miles of a (dwarf) planet orbiting ~6 billion kilometers away from us. But keeping with this blog’s theme, this doesn’t seem very libertarian! Isn’t this a big waste of money and resources for the government to be sending probes to Pluto?  Well, yes, obviously.

 - Public Domain Photo from NASA

This picture of Pluto cost $650M

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Links for Wednesday, October 23

Here are the links I’ve tweeted about recently. Check them out:
Seriously, even if you’ve never heard of Uber, watch this video. One of the best I’ve seen by @reason http://t.co/H41OBNttUO
RT @reason: If you’ve ever used @Uber watch this video, which details the hassles the service gets from bureaucrats http://t.co/QxgCwLGI1L
Hey Japan, if your society makes it economically infeasible to have relationships, you’re gonna have a bad time! http://t.co/jiHTP4xqGO
@IBM The Watson division always gets all the media attention! http://t.co/SkCtD1Yjuc
RT @d_seaman: These BASTARDS. The US Senate is trying *again* to pass #CISPA, which the American people overwhelmingly said no to. http://t…
NSA says the need MORE(!?) ability to get personal info from tech companies. Dianne Feinstein bringing back CISPA http://t.co/LlFXfGPeIE